We make investing accessible to everyone, by providing guidance, support, and resources so our members can connect with others to invest in creativity and achieve their financial goals.

We help people connect with others to create and build wealth.

We work to create a supportive environment where members can create, invest, enjoy and grow. Mo brings together:


Enjoy digital perks that enhance your quality of life, and get rewarded every time you invest in yourself and your community.


We foster a community of investors that support each other. With us, investing is not just a means to an end; it becomes a social and enjoyable experience.


Educational resources, tools, and live experiences available for members. We are commited in making our community achieve financial security.

How it works


Sign up at and explore our gallery to choose the project you want to invest in. Purchase credits equivalent to the amount you want to invest, all simple and secure through Stripe.

Confirmation and Welcome

After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and our team will welcome you. Together, we will define the details for the management of your investment.

Watch Your Investment Grow

See how your investment grows with the magic of creativity. We are committed to maintaining transparency and providing constant guidance to our creatives.

Return on Investment

Once the project goal is reached, the creator will return the money to the community and we will distribute the profits among the investors. When withdrawing profits, a 5% commission is applied if the investment is less than €5000 and 3% if it is greater.

Invest In creativity

Join a community of supportive investors who can help you achieve your financial goals.