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Artist  •  Producer •  Cultural Manager

Her music blends mantric elements with influences from the Andean mountains.



Make money with your ideas.

Do you have something in mind? Bring it on! A new album, a show, or maybe a book, what about an ecovillage? If you think that there is profitability in something you would like to create. Share it with us. We´ll make it work!


Together we’ll take your idea to the next level.Take our word for it.

Express yourself without constraints, we´ll find a way to make it doable and profitable. We provide the advice, the infrastructure, and the platform for collecting de investments.


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By uploading your concept and seamlessly sharing the generated link through your communication channels, you open yourself up to a vast pool of potential investors. This two-step process turns your community into a network of eager investors, ready to support and participate in the growth of your idea.


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Once your idea is materialized share the profits with the ones that believed in you from the beginning. Create prosperity together.

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